Draw a home for the world’s refugees.

Draw a home for the world's refugees and get your family and friends to support your drawing! Every contribution that is made makes a real difference. It costs just €122.00 to give a refugee family their own home. With your support, we can make a home for the world's refugees together.

What is just as important as food and water?

When a family is seeking refuge, there is one thing in particular they are missing: a home. Even the simplest home is just as important as food and water. A cabin or tent provides vital protection against rain, wind, cold, heat and infectious diseases. At the same time, a home is the base needed for a refugee family to rebuild a safe day-to-day life.

This is why securing shelter is an important part of both our relief work and our work creating lasting solutions for people who have had to flee war and conflict.

Draw a home and give a home

Right now, far too many families and children are seeking refuge. The good news is that you can help!

It is very easy - You can draw right here on the website and upload your drawing to the online gallery. You can also draw on paper and then upload a photo to the gallery. Once you’ve uploaded your drawing, you get a direct link to your drawing. You can share this link on Facebook or send it in an email to your family and friends and encourage them to make a donation for your drawing. For only €122.00 you can give a refugee family a home.

Draw for a good cause - Children in Cox Bazar drawing their former home present home and future home

Together we can create a home for the worlds refugees

DRC, Danish Refugee Council is Denmarks largest international humanitarian organisation and we work to ensure a worthy life for refugees in 40 countries. We provide emergency help, protection and long-lasting solutions in neighbouring areas, which means we help refugees as close to their homeland as possible. In Denmark, we provide counselling for refugees about their opportunities, and we provide all the help we can, to get them integrated into our society.

The Danish Refugee Council helps refugees and internally displaced people across the world. We provide them with emergency relief, fight for their rights and strengthen their future opportunities. We are directly present in conflict areas, along the routes refugees take, and where they settle. We cooperate with local communities to find responsible and sustainable solutions. We work towards the successful integration of refugees, and - whenever possible - the possibility for refugees and displaced people to fulfil their ambition of returning home.

The Danish Refugee Council was founded in Denmark in 1956 and is now an international humanitarian organisation with 9,000 employees and over 7,500 volunteers. Our vision is a worthy life for everyone seeking refuge.

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